Parma ham D.O.P. 16/18 months deboned

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Parma ham D.O.P. 16/18 months aged  deboned

weight. 7,800 kg

Origin: Langhirano

Price: € 20,00 per kg

120,00 €tax incl.

An essential condition to make the real Parma ham is that the entire production process takes place in a very confined and specific area in the Parma surroundings where the ecosystem and the microclimate are essential factors for a natural maturation to assure the unique sweetness and taste of the Parma ham.

D.O.P is the italian for Protected Designation Origine which applies only to products manufactured in a specific geographic area under some essential conditions:

raw materials must be produced and processed within the area that names the product,

quality product must lead back to the original geographic environment along with human and nature factors like climate, soil quality and human workmanship.

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